Jet Provost in London fliegen
Jet Provost in London fliegen

Jet Provost Jet Flight in UK

£ 1950 for 35 min flight

Jet Provost a Top Gun in UK – Sit next to your pilot!

MiGFlug is very happy to offer this unique Top Gun adventure in the UK now. We’ve always had countless requests from aviation-crazy Brits asking us for flights based in the UK. And it’s not any random jet but the modern version of the British jet trainer legend Jet Provost – the BAC Jet Provost T.5A. The Jet Provost used to be the military jet trainer of the Royal Air Force and has been in service with the armed forces from 1955 to 1993. Numbers built surpass 700 pieces – and the Jet Provost has been exported to many nations. The Jet Provost has also been used by aerobatics display teams like “The Red Pelicans”. The most advanced version – the one we are offering here – led the Royal Air Force to a broadening of its area of service. With its excellent manoeuvrability, its high reliability, a maximal speed of 440mph (708 km/h) and the comparably low operation costs, the Jet Provost has been utilized as an aerobatic aircraft, for tactical weapons training, air warfare training and advanced training. Its attack variant, the BAC 176 Strikemaster, took part in Wars in Ecuador, Yemen and Oman. One of the advantages of the London Top Gun adventure is that you’ll sit right next to your pilot.

Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz
Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz
Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz

Side by Side with your Pilot – Great View

British aviation geeks love the Jet Provost. “Non-Brits” usually have to get used to its design – but what can be said for sure: All customers who flew the Jet Provost simply loved it. The Jet Provost is comparably cheap to operate and allows for an incredible Top Gun experience: High performance – and a side by side seating arrangement. Thanks to that, the customer doesn’t only have an excellent view, but can also watch the pilot “at work”. And obviously, it’s a huge pleasure to control the jet when being right next to the pilot.

Custom-tailored Flight Program

We asked one of our first customers what his flight program’s been like. His answer:

“The views were brilliant. The pilot was amazing. He let me take the stick for most of it. It is a BEAUTIFUL aircraft. We flew over my hometown! Also, the landscape was very interesting – land, sea, offshore wind farm, shipping. The weather was great, the sea looked beautiful. Perfect. I’m really looking forward to getting back up.”

The flight program is custom-tailored to your needs and adapted once the pilot knows how many G’s you are able and willing to sustain. The aim is that you as a customer are having as much fun as possible. Besides the high-speed sightseeing flight over the coastline and low level flying over the beaches, we also have some aerobatics for you. A few examples:

  • Looping
  • Immelman
  • Rolls
  • Split-S
  • Vertical diving and climbing
  • Tail-Chase
  • High-speed low-level flying
  • Control of the jet by the customer

With all preparations, discussion of your personal flight program, safety and in cockpit-training – the whole event will take about 3h.


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