Jet Provost in London fliegen
Jet Provost in London fliegen

Jet Provost Jet Flight in UK

£3000 (€ 3500) for 35 min flight

Combat Veteran Jet Provost in the UK – Sit next to your pilot!

MiGFlug is very happy to offer this unique Top Gun adventure in the UK now. We’ve always had countless requests from aviation-crazy Brits asking us for flights based in the UK. And it’s not any random jet but the last airworthy ground attack version of the British jet trainer legend Jet Provost – the BAC Jet Provost T52. The Jet Provost used to be the military jet trainer of the Royal Air Force and has been in service with the armed forces from 1955 to 1993. Numbers built surpass 700 pieces – and some Jet Provost variants were exported to many nations as ground attack aircraft armed with rockets, bombs and cannons. The Jet Provost has also been used by aerobatics display teams like “The Red Pelicans”. With its excellent manoeuvrability, its high reliability, a top speed of 460mph (741 km/h) and the comparably low operation costs, the Jet Provost has been utilised as an aerobatic aircraft, for tactical weapons training, air warfare training and advanced training. This particular aircraft saw action in Yemen between 1968 and 1972 and is the only airworthy jet with combat damage still visible. One of the advantages is that you can sit right next to the pilot and see how the magic happens.

Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz
Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz
Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz

Social Club

This is not your average cookie cutter experience where you are just the next one in the queue. Get ready for a whole day with the fast jet and its inspirational team. The best thing is that it does not have to be just one day – your membership allows you to go for a flight or a taxi ride, if you prefer, and to join the team for multiple events throughout the year, such as airshows, community days, STEM events, fly ins, wings and wheels, member flights etc. The atmosphere and fun is incomparable. You can agree with the team on a mutually convenient date for your flight and if it has to be postponed for any reason, like weather, serviceability, your availability, etc, it is never a problem, there is always another day. Your membership certificate is valid for year. A typical flying day starts with a nice cuppa and a chat at the airfield cafe. After that there is an extensive safety brief including the apron safety and the ejection seats, demonstration and fitting of the personal survival equipment and a walk around the heritage aircraft. If you are interested in the aircraft combat history and any technical details there is plenty for you to hear and see! All the questions are very welcome and are answered in-depth. The team includes pilots, engineers and photographers and they like turning up whenever the aircraft flies. Photos and video are all part of the fun. Whether you like aeros, just want to try some or simply want relaxed sightseeing – it’s all up to you. At the end of the day feel free to join the team in one of the local pubs for a well deserved drink and exciting stories. Opportunties to volunteer are unlimited!

Your contribution will keep a unique combat veteran British heritage jet flying for longer. Bring your family and friends – they’ll have a great day too. The aircraft comes with the original bullet holes in the fuselage and everything else is pretty original in a very young (just over 2000 hours) airframe. Flights are not guaranteed, historic aircraft operation is not an airline.

Custom-tailored Flight Program

Training Flight

Know a pilot who can’t stop playing with aeroplanes? (Or is that you?) Who already got all aeroplane cufflinks, watches and beers? Your struggle to find a present is over. They will get to fly the last Jet Provost T52 ground attack aircraft as a pilot under training from the left seat. (That is as good as it gets.) They’ll get fully briefed on the ejection seats – an out of this world experience for any civilian pilot. They can learn how to taxi, take off, loop / roll the aircraft and do all the great stuff, including attempt to land it at the end of the sortie with the instructor’s generous help. The FIRE button use on the joystick is unlimited! The flight can be logged in their logbook and their Training Aircraft Type Rating Exemption (CAA fee £164 applies) will last for a year, should they fail to quit training after the first flight. (They can also frame it later.) The flight gear, such as a flightsuit, helmet and leg restraints, are provided. The ground school is extensive and uses the CAA approved training syllabus and original flight reference cards. Most instructors are ex RAF.

A typical flight

Take off is optional and landing is mandatory so we fly in lovely weather, particularly if you fancy aeros. Vertical manoeuvres, such as loops, barrell rolls, half cubans and horizontal 8s take up a lot of sky so the cloud height is important. If aeros is not your thing, there is still a lot of sightseeing and other things to do. The aircraft is quite agile and you will be surprised how responsive the controls are at higher speeds. Being strapped in to a live ejection seat is a whole new experience in itself for most people and seeing the land, sea and cloud passing by much quicker than usual is quite exhilarating. If you are a pilot, you will be in the left seat and fly most of the sortie yourself – our instructors make it really easy. A substantial discussion of the flight profile, your preferences and how they can be best met is key. The whole approach to land takes about 2 minutes but it will keep you busy!

If you are not a pilot yet you might want to become one after a flight which is tailored to your preferences. As a social member you will fly in the right seat and be fully involved in the flight planning, the heights, the route, the G and any other details you might be interested in. The pre-flight brief will make you an absolute expert in flight safety and the use of the ejection seat which you will be able to tell about even if woken up in the middle of the night! Usually we depart and come back to Nottingham City airport and pass by a couple of beautiful stately homes on the way to the Wash. You will be surprised how quickly you get there and back, although not in a straight line. Even climbing, descending and turning feels very different in a fast jet compared to a piston engine light aircraft. A short word is “epic”. You will experience the effect of the airbrakes, positive and negative G and learn to use the FIRE button on the joystick which will remind you the aircraft you are sitting in is a true combat veteran, now on a completely different mission of making so many people feel involved and happy.



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