Jet Provost in London fliegen
Jet Provost in London fliegen

Fighter Jet Flight in Italy

€ 2499 for 30min flight in the MB-326

Languages spoken

Pilot speaks english.
Pilot speaks italian.

Fly the MB-326 in Italy – the homeland of this jet

While the L-39 is located in Italy generally in winter, the MB-326 and the Jet Provost are located here permanently and hence are available all year. With the MB-326, we offer an Italian-made aircraft that has been beautifully restored. It is the predecessor of the MB-339, flown by the famous Italian military display team Frecce Tricolori. With its perfect “+” shape, the MB-326 is also a frequent guest at airshows in Europe. It is therefore often the first choice for Italian aviation enthusiasts.

The L-39 Albatros has the advantage of a higher back seat, so the visibility for the passenger, situated behind the pilot, is significantly increased compared to the MB-326. Even better is the British jet trainer Jet Provost – or BAC Jet Provost T.5A. It has a side-by-side seating arrangement. Passengers have not only a perfect view outside, but they can also perfectly observe the pilot at work. This arrangement was typical for British aircraft, and we can offer the same with the Swiss Hawker Hunter and the Vampire in the UK. Not sure which of the 3 attractive Italian options to pick? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we gladly support you in finding the best option for you.

Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz
Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz
Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz

L-39 Albatros, our “Workhorse”

The L-39 Albatros is the perfect aircraft for MiGFlug. Widely available and in active service, very robust and reliable, comparably reasonable in terms of maintenance and fuel consumption. At the same time, it was not only used as a light attack aircraft but mainly as a military jet trainer. Therefore, the L-39 is good-natured for beginners and also has a higher back cockpit for the instructor, which we use as the passenger seat. Like all jets offered by MiGFlug, it has full dual control, hence the customer can control the jet during part of the flight. We usually locate two L-39s in the winter months in Rimini, sometimes they are also available in summer for some days. Formation flights are possible. Please contact us for further information.

The MB-326, an Italian Classic

It is an honor to offer this Italian-made jet legend in Italy. The Aermacchi MB-326 was – like the L-39 and other aircraft offered by MiGFlug – mainly a military jet trainer. But single and two-seat light attack versions of this model have been produced also. South African pilots flew the MB-326M at around 650 km/h at a very low altitude of only 15 m to avoid Angolan and Cuban air defenses. During the South African Border War, an MB-326 returned with an unexploded missile in its exhaust. With around 800 units produced and exported to over 10 countries, mainly developing countries, the MB-326 was fairly successful. It was also operated by the Royal Australian Air Force and the US Air Force Test Pilot School, as well as by NASA.

Jet Provost – sit next to your pilot

As the MB-326, the Jet Provost is available all year. Being a British aircraft, non-Brits often mention it is a bit odd-looking. But be assured, the flight experience is fantastic as you sit next to your pilot, and not behind him. This makes the whole experience more intense.

Custom-tailored Flight Program

As in all locations, it is about you, the customer. The pilot tried to find out what you are looking for and how many G’s you are able and willing to sustain. The flight program then is custom-tailored to your needs and adapted in-flight. You will not only see a fantastic Italian landscape with a lot of variety but also experience some fast jet aerobatics. Among the possible figures are:

  • Looping
  • Immelman
  • Rolls
  • Split-S
  • Vertical diving and climbing
  • Tail-Chase
  • High-speed low-level flying
  • Control of the jet by the customer

Including preparations, briefing/discussion of your personal flight program, safety, and in-cockpit-training – plan with around 3 hours total time on site. Usually followed by a relaxed drink with the pilot.


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