We’d like to point out that MiGFlug is trying hard to be a very fair, generous and customer friendly company. Also, we have a very strong focus on safety. The safety if our customers is taken very seriously and we only offer first class, professional flights. Therefore we can proudly announce that we never had even a smallest incident and any legal problems so far since 2004 – with hundreds of flights every year!

Legal Info

MiGFlug GmbH is a company according to Swiss Law. It is based in Greppen (Canton of Lucerne) and runs a branch in Zurich ZH. Since 2004, the company is registered in the state business register of the Canton of Lucerne.

Legal Entity

MiGFlug GmbH
Grüngasse 19
CH-8004 Zürich

Pictures on this site were taken by Anastasiya Ryabova, Max Briansky, Stéphanie Conrad, Alexander Baggenstos, Flavio Kaufmann, Philipp Schär and Reto Schneeberger. With few exceptions, MiGFlug & Adventure GmbH holds the complete copyright on all pictures displayed on the website It is strictly forbidden to use them in any way without written permission of MiGFlug & Adventure GmbH.

Copyright Note Concerning Pictures

Due to the rarity of the available photographic material and the partly unclear origin of the used pictures, we herewith state that on our website, especially in airplane descriptions, no copyrights were infringed intentionally. In case of doubt, due to historical reasons, material of which its origin could not have been determined might have been used. In case of justified claims, we ask you to contact us and beg pardon. Pictures taken by our photographers, including but not limited to pictures in the galleries, customer feedback section and header pictures are copyrighted and must not be used in any way, unless permitted in written form.


All used trademarks are property of their respective owners. All rights of this publication are held by MiGFlug GmbH. Reprint, either completely or in parts, or electronic re-distribution is only allowed with written permission by MiGFlug GmbH.

General Terms & Conditions

Important: this translation’s purpose is to help the interested English-speaking customers to understand our Terms and Conditions; applicable is however the German version (see “AGB – Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen”).

The contract parties are MiGFlug GmbH and the customer signing below, hereafter named “customer”.

1. The contract between MiGFlug GmbH and the customer is drawn according to Swiss Law (“Obligationenrecht”), Article 1 through according to the same volition. All important aspects (Article 2) are defined in the corresponding Offer and on our Homepage In case of doubt, the information in the offer has priority over that on the homepage.

2. the service which is owed to the customer is restricted to the procurement of the connection between the customer and the Russian provider of the airplane mentioned in the offer as well as the support of the organization of traveling and accommodation, in particular of the procurement of fitting offers.

3. the contract which describes the flight and the involving services is to be drawn between the customer and the service provider on site. MiGFlug GmbH only guarantees that for the price paid in-fact the services and products listed in the offer (flight with a plane of the given type, transfers in Russia, a personal attendant service and so on) is carried out to the customer.

4. because of the reasons above, MiGFlug GmbH declines for lack of contract any responsibility of any kind which could occur to the customer as a result of the flight, including acts of gross negligence. Possible liability claims would only be applicable as a result of the contract between the customer and the Russian service provider.

5. there’s no kind of insurance provided by MiGFlug GmbH for the flights, it’s the customer’s task.

6. prior to the trip, these terms and conditions as well as an explicit discharge of liability have to be signed by the customer.

7. the customer is requested to assure his fitness on his own (possibly by using third party services). The medical check before the flight is noncommittal and can at no time give evidence about possible risks and possible injury because of the flight.

8. should because of force majeure (crash, weather…) the desired flight become unavailable, the customer would have to accept changes of the trip date or the change of the aerodrome / air base. This however requires a proper explanatory statement from MiGFlug GmbH’s side.

9. Should, through reasons that are outside MiGFlug GmbHs control, the wholesale price for fuel increase, MiGFlug GmbH is allowed to change the flight price ex post. This change is limited to USD 1’000.00 and allows the customer to rescind the contract.

10. If the customer does not want or can participate in the flight for other reasons of any kind, the paid price will be returned after a service fee of 20% of the paid price, but at least USD 500.00. Paid flight prices cannot be refunded if canceled less than 8 days prior the flight date. Other costs (visa, transfers…) are the customer’s responsibility and will not be returned.

11. Objections: Objectons are to be communicated within 7 days after using a service provided by MiGFlug GmbH in written form and by post.

12. If not explicitly and in written form denied by the customer, MiGFlug GmbH is allowed to use all foto-, film-, and audio material which was recorded in connection with the services provided by MiGFlug GmbH, for possible future advertising purposes etc.

13. severability clause: if one or more of these points is invalid, the rest of these terms and conditions is not affected.

14. questions of any kind not arranged in these Terms and Conditions are to be judged according to Swiss law. Address for service is Lucerne.