Ratings like North Korean dictators

With the small difference that our ratings are real (and we didn’t force customers to reply in a certain way!). Also, let us assure that none of our customers ended up in a prison camp so far.

How did the aircraft look like?

First – what did they think about the aircraft? What appearance did it have? 100% Voted that they completely agree that the aircraft looked well maintained and in good shape.



Next question – the pilot

So the aircraft convinced the customers 100% (we hope so!) – next: The pilot. Again – all of the last respondents say that the pilot was competent and that they felt safe.



And how was the flight?

Next question – the flight. Again – 100% completely agree that the flight was thrilling. An amazing result.survey-iv


100% satisfaction – what a nice feedback

Note – there is also a “somewhat agree” option that not a single customer who completed the survey chose. Not a single one!
So all the flight-specific results literally couldn’t be better. We also asked questions about the website, usability, the facilities, the information received beforehand. On those the results were not 100% “completely agree”, which absolutely makes sense. There are some difficulties there:

  • Our current CRM system does not work well with Microsoft’s old Explorer Browser, which is still used especially mainly by older customers
  • Usability on the websites can always be improved. And and not all customers love what you present them. In the beginning changes are often disapproved before customers accept it over time.
  • We are sometimes not available by phone (people call us from all over the world!)
  • There are some questions we simply can’t or don’t want to answer. So sorry for all the curious guys: We will totally answer what you need to know to book a flight. And more. But not the secret sauce 🙂
  • Then there are some customers who just want to do everything by phone or even snail mail. Snail mail is usually not our thing. We are a fast company in what ever we do 🙂
    And explaining directions and instructions to prepare the flight by phone is just a bit annoying sometimes. So here we clash a bit with older customers and tech haters (who probably don’t read this and hence can’t be offended). Sometimes we got asked if we can print our website and send to them. 😀

Anyway – also for all those questions we got “completely agree” well above 80%, usually close to 90% – and a combined “completely agree” and “somewhat agree” of 95% – 98%, which is still very very good.

A big thank you to all customers

This result really motivates us – and most of the aforementioned problems are being addressed already. We constantly try to improve the customer experience throughout the whole process.

Thanks to all customers who took part in the survey!