Fitness Queen Pauline – Stratosphere Flight

We recently had the honour to welcome fitness model and Entrepreneur Pauline Nordin in one of our fighter jets – again! She already flew the Aero L-39 Albatros in California with MiGFlug. This time, she went for the big one – the MiG-29 Edge of Space Flight in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Watch her in the only supersonic aircraft currently available, worldwide!

And obviously she loved the flight. When a fan asked her in a Q&A session about the MiG-29 Edge of Space experience, she said: […] it’s like a non-sexual orgasm”:

Further she described it as the best 3 days of her life. She also really loved Moscow by the way. And crazy as she is, she plans to come back for another MiG-29 flight soon!

Fitness queen Pauline Nording hugging her pilot after the flight

Fitness queen Pauline Nordin hugging her pilot after the flight

Here is the long version of Paulin Nordin’s flight video:

As you can see – this video has been up a while and already went viral.