MiGFlug Fighter flight locations worldwide

Looking for a jet flight location close to your residence address or holiday destination?  On the map below, you can find an overview of the MiGFlug fighter jet flight and Zero Gravity/Weightlessness flight locations.

View MiGFlug – Flights in Fighter Jets in a larger map

Fighter Jet flight locations – an outlook

Not shown on the Map:
– Spain (will stop by end of July 2014)
– Zero Gravity flight in the US – starts from different locations
– All Warbirds, historic planes and aerobatic locations. The Map is limited to fighter jets and Zero Gravity

We plan to establish around two more fighter jet flight locations in 2014 and even more other offers, like P-51 Mustang flights.

For more information about premier flight offers apart from fighter jet and weightlessness flights, please visit our subsidiary GoAviator.