Amazing image of an F18 flying low!

Lieutenant Chris Nigus sent us a jaw-dropping selection of spectacular images he took while flying on missions during the last couple of years of his deployment in Japan. Above you can see him flying at a low level in Japan’s well known Orange Route.

Some of the images below even feature weapons firing from his Super Hornet.

F18 nose cannon firing

F/A-18E Super Hornet’s mighty M61A2 Vulcan nose cannon firing.

An air-to-air Sidewinder missile launch, just as it starts leaving the wing

An A2A Sidewinder missile launch, just as it departs the wing – Who knows where to?

Looking aft while firing the Vulcan

Aft looking image while firing the Nose Cannon.

Left Wingman flying out of formation

Left Wingman flying out of formation.

Sidewinder dis-attaching from the wing - FIRE!

Sidewinder dis-attaching from the wing – FIRE!

Mid-Air refuelling

Mid-Air refuelling from the tanker!

Inverted flight in the F/A-18E

Inverted flight between mountains in the F/A-18E

USS George Washington

Passing over USS George Washington

F/A-18E catapult launch

Launched off of the catapult.

A huge thanks to Chris Nigus for the friendly go ahead to use his images.

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Author – Jake Meilak