A guide to become an Astronaut

Similar to being a fighter pilot – Astronaut is one of the top childhood dreams for many. Travel to Space. So much adventure, so much fame! Later on we understand that it is not that easy and become accountants and book a weightlessness flight with MiGFlug instead. Or so.

Anyway – it is still very interesting to see what it takes to become an Astronaut. And BBC has created some interesting content that we’d like to share with you. British ESA astronaut and former helicopter test pilot Tim Peake made it. His training took place in Star City – where MiGFlug’s Zero Gravity weightlessness flights take place. In the very same plane that the astronauts and cosmonauts use for their training (you can also book all other kinds of training).

Star City

First – let’s start with Tim’s home at Star City near Moscow:

That bloody G-Forces!

G-Forces is a big part of Astronaut and fighter pilot training. Watch Tim Peake getting treated with 8Gs – just as a reminder, MiGFlug customers had up to 9.2Gs during the Edge of Space flight!

Flying the Russian Soyus Spacecraft

Astronaut Survival training

Underwater Astronaut training

An interesting guide of how Tim became an atronaut can be found in this nice timeline here. And if you’d like to check if you have what it takes to be an astronaut, you can do that here.

We hope you enjoyed that insights. By the way – basically all trainings you have seen above can be booked with us on request. And even a MiG-29 Edge of Space flight that comes closest to what Tim will experience on his trip to ISS.