As most of the visitors to this blog probably know already, MiGFlug offers its customers the unique possibility to fly a range of incredible fighter jets without being a pilot.

First, let’s start with the booking process. Flying a MiG-29 is not as easy as booking MiGFlug’s other fighter jet flights since the MiG-29 is operated by Russia’s state owned Sokol plant – a manufactorer of the particular MiG-29UB two-seater you’ll be flying in. Below you can find the necessary steps to fly a MiG-29:

  1. Choose MiG-29 flight program (>90% do the Edge of Space flight)
  2. Send us completed questionnaire and passport scan. These will be sent to the Russian airbase who checks them. After all they want to make sure you are not a spy. Seriously, there is still quite a bit of Cold War atmosphere present.
  3. Let us know your flight date. MiG-29 flights take place Monday – Thursday, sometimes we can make an exception and fly on Fridays also – but it is closed on weekends. We have to start the process 60 days before the MiG-29 flight takes place – so make sure you don’t pick a flight date earlier than that.
  4. Payment. Full payment or at least a downpayment upon booking
  5. Travel arrangements and Visa. Our Russia specialist will contact you for travel arrangements, and to help with the visa process
  6. Sign T&Cs, Medical, Disclaimer, see doctor if in doubt
  7. Fly the MiG-29. You’ll be picked up from your hotel on the flight day by your interpreter and driven to the airbase
The object of desire: MiGFlug's MiG-29UB

The object of desire: MiGFlug’s MiG-29UB

MiG-29 flight programs and costs

To get an idea what options you have, we provide a table with MiG-29 flight costs as of 2017.

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Learn more about the high altitude Edge of Space Flight in the MiG-29 here – for the “normal” Aerobatic flights in the MiG-29 here.