L-39 Albatros fliegen in Florida (USA)
L-39 Albatros fliegen in Florida (USA)

L-39 Albatros Jet Flight in Las Vegas (USA)

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$ 4500 for a 30 min flight
$ 5100 for a 45 min flight
$ 5600 for a 60 min flight

Top Gun in Las Vegas – you are the Star!

Do you admire Maverick? Well, who doesn’t? Who wouldn’t secretely like to be such an excellent Navy pilot and also as reckless and bold as he is? Here is the good news – you are just getting a little bit closer. Get aboard a real fighter jet in Las Vegas, and shortly after you will have your edited little Top Gun to share with your friends. You are the star, the pilot, the hero!

your Top Gun adventure – what to expect

Your Las Vegas Top Gun-adventure will start with the pickup to your hotel by our crew. Arriving at the airport, a detailed briefing will follow: Share with your pilot what you are craving – and he will try hard to make everything possible. And here is what’s on the menu: Rolls, Immelmann Turns, Split S, Vertical climb, Tail Chase, and any other reasonable figure that you want to create that will make your movie a blockbuster. And of course, flying over and in the incredible scenery. If you’ve never ventured off the Strip, you might not know what lies beyond the streets of the Sin City. There’s no shortage of stunning scenery that you will experience from the 3rd dimension – at a breakneck speed!

The total experience is takes around three hours. You will get a flight suit, a helmet, and we start shooting. Your hero shot on your way to the plane. Strapping yourself in, GoPros on… let’s go.
You will experience all the maneuvers discussed during the briefing, and if your pilot feels you can do it, show him which kind of Top Gun you are! As the hero of the day, the full capabilities of the L-39 must be showcased. Your pilot will take you down the canyons, roar between the mountains where the sensation of speed will be at its best.
After landing, debriefing, some additional shots, and our crew will drive you back to your hotel. You will receive in the following days the full edited movie. Rest assured that the people you know will barely believe it.

Groups are possible! We can offer several flights a day. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz
Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz
Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz

Get to know the L-39 Albatros

Thanks to its advantages regarding maintenance, safety and performance, the Aero L-39 Albatros was the standard trainer of the Warsaw Pakt. 2800 units if this highly successful jet trainer and attack aircraft have been produced. In Las Vegas, you can experience first hand why this jet was so popular. One of its many advantages is also that it is easy to fly for beginners – the perfect jet for our purpose.

Control the Jet yourself

With an experienced expert pilot in the cockpit with you, be ready for some stick time! You will learn the basics of how to control the L-39 Albatros jet in the training prior to the flight. It is a fun part of the experience and something you will certainly never forget in your life. After you had some fun flying the jet, the pilot will show you some maneuvres, and you will then try to fly that very same aerobatics figure yourself. Customers are generally surprised how easy it is to fly a jet. Given the power such a jet has, it is almost impossible to stall it. If you plan to fly a lot by yourself, we recommend going for a longer flight duration. And pilots can log the flight in the pilot logbook!


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Testimonials – What our clients are saying

I booked the Jet Flight in Florida. Everything was very well organized. The team was very nice and I had a great pilot who took care of my preferences and wishes. I really got a custom-tailored flight and controlled the jet myself! It's not my last flight with MiGFlug, I'll probably do the MiG-29 Edge of Space soon.

Dayal Dubey

Absolutely fantastic, never a moment to forget! Highly recommended to the Aviation enthusiast, Aircraft fanatic or general adrenaline junkie! Great staff, great aircraft and a great day! Many many thanks!

Radleigh Bushell