L-39 Albatros fliegen in Florida (USA)
L-39 Albatros fliegen in Florida (USA)

L-39 Albatros Jet Flight in Florida (USA)

$ 4950 for a 30 min flight (currently not available)
$ 6400 for a 45 min flight
$ 7750 for a 60 min flight

The Florida jet gets a more powerful engine at the moment, there is a replacement about an hour from the original location – only 45 and 60min flights.

Languages spoken

Pilot speaks english.

A Life-changing Experience: Fly a Fighter Jet

This is an adventure you will certainly never forget in your whole life. We love stories of customers who tell us that even many years after their experience, they often recline at their desks, think back on these magic moments and just can’t stop smiling. Or that not a single day has passed since the jet flight took place that they haven’t thought back. Or since that day, they feel a new, strong kind of energy that helps them achieve things. It sometimes sounds like they even have quite a bit of a fighter pilot’s attitude and mindset themselves while flying a jet: Fighter Jet pilots all around the world are distinguished by strong nerves, the will to take a certain amount of risks, and cool-headedness. In sunny Florida you have the possibility to see if you meet the criteria yourself; during a rapid flight with the L-39 Albatros. Take the challenge! This aircraft, which is currently in service with many Air Forces around the world, is fully fueled and ready for you. Ready to test your pilot capabilities?

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Get to know the L-39 Albatros

Because of its advantages regarding maintenance, safety, and performance, the Aero L-39 Albatros was used by East Germany’s NVA and countless other air forces. In the United States, you can experience what distinguishes this aircraft in a real mission: Impressive maneuverability at every speed and in every situation. It is for this reason that the L-39 Albatros is still used for training and combat missions by many Air Forces.

Fly Yourself – with Real Professionals as Your Instructors

Being able to analyze a situation in a split second, to pull the controls and react at the highest speed – a flight in a jet fighter follows its own rules. It is for this reason fighter pilots only call themselves professionals after many thousands of flight hours. You can rely on the pilots on your flight with the L-39 Albatros in Florida. Experience with your own body the massive g-forces created by maneuvers such as Immelmann turns, barrel rolls, or Cuban eights.

Feel honored when our pilots divert the controls of the L-39 Albatros to you after some flight time. And see for yourself the total concentration it requires to tame the forces of the jet. In this moment you’ll know exactly what you are capable of. And you can even log the flight in your pilot logbook!



How do I book my jet flight?

You do have different options for booking a flight:

Make a reservation for a specific date and time.

You can either book a flight for a specific date and time with the Calendar below (under Check Availability – Make Reservation). You can also just check the availability (without booking) by clicking a flight option, then it will show you the calendar, and all dates except for those greyed out are available. The same option you find with the green “Check Availability” bottom on top of the page. You can make the reservation by either paying the full amount or the downpayment.

Make an open-date booking.

Not sure what date you are going to fly? Click Book your Flight – there are also green “Book your Flight” Buttons on top and at the bottom of this page. Once you have booked your flight by either paying the full amount or the downpayment, you will automatically get an email to schedule the flight. You can also just contact us again later and we will schedule that flight for you.

Give a jet flight as a Gift.

The gift certificate option works as open-date, so the lucky person on the receiving end can contact us, or you, once you know the exact date. You will get a gift voucher to print immediately, and an email to schedule the flight. You or the recipient can also contact us once you know the date later on, and we will schedule the flight.

Did you book the wrong flight location, date, or time? Or do you want to change to a different flight duration? Don’t worry, we are a nice company. Whatever you want to change, reschedule, add, or remove from your booking: Just let us know, and we will take care of it and change it accordingly, free of charge. You can’t do anything wrong when booking a flight with us.



What is the best flight duration for me?

In Florida, flight options are 30, 45, and 60 minutes. The 30-minute flight is primarily sightseeing but also includes rolls and other basic aerobatics. But we face limits, as there isn’t enough time to fly to the practice airspace and experience the full range of aerobatics and higher speeds. The 45-minute flight program is the most popular with our customers. It does include more aerobatics and higher speeds. The 60-minute flight offers the full range of options including over-the-top vertical maneuvers like loops and Immelmanns!

You can always switch between the flight durations, free of charge. So you can’t do anything wrong when booking a flight.


Availability and Booking

The Sunshine State with its Grand Scenery

Tropical climate, American lifestyle, and home to the astronauts: Florida, the Sunshine State, is our base for your total flight enjoyment on the North American continent. A flight with an L-39 Albatros will certainly last in your memory for a lifetime. Above land and sea, your dream of flight can come true. And even more treats are waiting for you here in Florida: Visit the nearby Disneyland park for even more entertainment for the whole family. A trip well worth the time for young and old.

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