L-39 Albatros fliegen in Kalifornien
L-39 Albatros fliegen in Kalifornien

L-39 Albatros Jet Flight in California (Los Angeles)

$ 6400 for a 45 min flight
$ 6900 for a 60 min flight
Extreme low passes (few ft/meters above ground!)

This flight is from 18 years

Languages spoken

Pilot speaks english.

Fly an L-39 Albatros Jet Fighter in Los Angeles

Whoever engages in a flight in an L-39 Albatros fighter jet flight expects action, not relaxation. And action we guarantee you with our offer for jet enthusiasts in California. Besides nerve-wracking maneuvres, you can enjoy your flight time for a few moments until the pilot takes over the controls again only to demonstrate the true potential of the Aero L-39 Albatros.

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L-39 Albatros – One of the favorite jets of pilots and Air Forces!

The L-39 Albatros is one of the favorite jets of pilots and Air Forces. Perfected and tested in countless missions, this jet is ready to handle every situation. Now you can just hop into one of these aircraft and fly a couple of rounds yourself for a reasonable price. Obviously, the expert instructions of our experienced fighter pilots and instructors are included.


And Action! – Aerobatics like in a Hollywood Movie

Some MiGFlug customers are surprised at how down-to-earth our pilots are at first sight, and at what ease and precision they perform these daring maneuvres with. In California, a former Air Force test pilot instructs you about the intricacies of the L-39 fighter jet. Be it high in the sky or barely above the ground – you will be surprised by the powerful acceleration and agility of this jet aircraft.

Fly maneuvres known from aerobatics or combat tactics like the split-s or loops, and get to know the disturbing moment when you begin to spin. The fighter pilot always ensures your safety. Your financial investment for these moments of absolute freedom is manageable and worth it. After all, you will be flying maneuvers from real military training programs.

The Day of Your L-39 Albatros Flight in California

When you arrive at the airport you’ll meet your pilot. After the reception, you will go to a briefing room where you have time to discuss the aircraft and the flight program with your pilot. You will then define your flight program together. Whether you’d like to do a calm tour or an action-loaded Air Force program, the pilot will oblige your wishes as much as possible. You’ll also receive a comprehensive explanation of all safety systems on board and you’ll be provided with a flight suit and a helmet for the day. Now, you are ready to go on to the ramp, where technicians have already prepared the aircraft. As soon as you’ve taken a seat in the cockpit, the ground crew will adjust the restraints. The pilot is going to explain the important instruments to you once more. After checking if the intercom is working and receiving takeoff clearance, you are ready to go! Once in the air, you’ll have the chance to control the aircraft yourself and fly maneuvers like rolls or loops. The following maneuvers are part of the flight program:

  • Rolls
  • Immelmann
  • Loops
  • Split-S
  • Steep ascent
  • Dives
  • Tail-chase
  • Extreme low passes (a few meters above ground)

After Landing you can take a souvenir photo with the pilot and the aircraft and you will receive a certificate that records your flight achievement. And, of course, you can refresh yourself with a drink or a toast to your fantastic adventure.


How do I book my jet flight?

Please be aware that you need to be 18 years old on the day of your flight. You do have different options for booking a flight:

Make a reservation for a specific date and time.

You can either book a flight for a specific date and time with the Calendar below (under Check Availability – Make Reservation). You can also just check the availability (without booking) by clicking a flight option, then it will show you the calendar, and all dates except for those greyed out are available. The same option you find with the green “Check Availability” bottom on top of the page. You can make the reservation by either paying the full amount or the downpayment.

Make an open-date booking.

Not sure what date you are going to fly? Click Book your Flight – there are also green “Book your Flight” Buttons on top and on the bottom of this page. Once you have booked your flight by either paying the full amount or the downpayment, you will automatically get an email to schedule the flight. You can also just contact us again later and we will schedule that flight for you.

Give a jet flight as a Gift.

The gift certificate option works as open-date, so the lucky person on the receiving end can contact us, or you, once you know the exact date. You will get a gift voucher to print immediately, and an email to schedule the flight. You or the recipient can also contact us once you know the date later on, and we will schedule the flight.

You booked a wrong flight location, date or time, or you want to change to a different flight duration? Don’t worry, we are a nice company. Whatever you want to change, reschedule, add or remove from your booking: Just let us know, we will take care of it and change it accordingly, free of charge. You can’t do anything wrong when booking a flight with us.


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