Various Fighter Jet Flights around the World

Jet Fighter Offers in the United States & Canada

L-39 in Tampa, Florida (US)

from $4.950 for a 30 min flight. Marvelous Jet Flight Adventure over the Sunshine State, starting from Tampa.

L-39 in Los Angeles, California (US)

from $6.400 for a 45 min flight. LA-based Top Gun Adventure with breakneck low-level flying and sporty Maneuvres.

F-104 Starfighter in Florida (US)

$34.000 for 3-day flight training from the NASA Center, Cape Canaveral. Currently the only Supersonic Flight. Only for Pilots.

T-33 in Waterloo, Canada

from $3.499 for a 45 min flight. Fly the magnificent Shooting Star near Toronto and the Niagara Falls!

Zero Gravity in the US

from $9.070 in US locations in a Boeing 727. The closest to being an Astronaut for normal (or not so normal) people.

Jet Fighter Offers in Europe

L-39 in Sion (Switzerland)

from €4.500 for 30 min in the spectacular Swiss Alps. Low through narrow valleys, aerobatics over picturesque Glaciers.

S.211 near Munich (Germany)

from €3.450 for a 30-minute flight. Wild ride in South Germany, including flying in the Alps for the longer flight program.

Jet Provost in London (UK)

from € 3500 for a 35 min flight. Marvelous team, sensational flight, and the side-by-side seating arrangement is dope!

L-39 in Paderborn (Germany)

€2.950 for a 20 min flight. Rolls and Rolls in an ex-GDR jet over the Ruhr in North Rhine-Westphalia.

L-39 near Turin (Italy)

from €4.500 for a 30-minute flight. An incredible flight in the alpine mountains of Northern Italy.

L-39 Formation in Riga (Latvia)

from €2.600 for a 25-minute flight. Lightning-fast solo, team aerobatics in close formation, and even Air Combat!

L-29 in Sliac, Slovakia

from €1.950 for a wild 20 min jet ride in the “father of the L-39”, the Czech-made L-29 Delfin.

Jet Air Combat Riga

Air Combat with two Jets, Riga

Tricky missions and insane dogfights. €18.000 – 8 flights total for 2 participants. You will be speechless.

MB-326 in Reggio Emilia (Italy)

€2.499 for a 30 min sporty jet flight in the hills and mountains of the province of Reggio Emilia. È davvero fantastico!

L-39 in Brno (Czech Republic)

from €2.600 for an action-packed 20 min flight in the home country of this fantastic jet! Be a fighter pilot for a day.

Breitling Jet Team – Dijon (France)

from €2.940 for a 25-minute flight. Formation displays flying as close as 3m from one another – out of this World!

L-39 in Brindisi (Italy)

from €3.300 for a 20-minute flight, €3.500 for a duo flight, and €4.800 for the “Top-Gun” 2-day experience.

MiG-15 in Hradec Kralove (Czechia)

from €3.250 for a 15 min flight in that highly successful swept wing classic fighter aircraft.

Something for Every Taste and Budget

As a MiGFlug customer, you may choose between a variety of jets which are available to you. The main differences between the jets are in size, speed and the resulting costs. All our fighter jets have in common that they are flown by selected veteran pilots with thousands of flight hours on their record. Certified technicians service all jets according to governmental regulations. Our pilots love life as much as our customers do!

Which Fighter Jet Fits You Best?

The most popular choice of our customers is the fighter jet L-39 Albatros. The Albatros is a favourite to pilots and passengers alike. Because of its design as a jet trainer, you get to enjoy the same cockpit and view as the pilot who’ll be flying the jet. Due to its fantastic value and relatively low operating cost, we are continuously expanding our network of L-39 aircraft to offer you a jet flight at a location near you. In case you need help making a decision, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you have a question?

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