F.A.Q. - Jet-Pilot für einen Tag sein mit MiGFlug
F.A.Q. - Jet-Pilot für einen Tag sein mit MiGFlug

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you may find an overview of frequently asked questions regarding our flights. Further information about our company may be found on the page “About us”. Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are your offers legitimate?

Our offers are absolutely legitimate. The flights in question are real jet flights, not simulations or the like! We are talking about real flights in real jets here.

What is the reputation of this company like?

We can proudly say that we receive enthusiastic customer feedback by email and phone almost on a daily basis. We really try hard to make every customer happy, especially in the unlikely case that something did not work out as expected (bad weather, unforeseen maintenance…) We will find a solution that makes you happy in the end. Our company never had any kind of legal problems since 2004. It is financially solid. To our knowledge, you won’t find anything negative about our company, with hundreds of flights per year since 2004!

Are my data private? What is being published?

MiGFlug is about privacy like socks are about dryer escapes, and we’re always looking to keep your info private. We do not publish anything without your consent. That being said, every user leaves traces on the internet. We only collect and use data of third party providers that can be trusted. We do not keep any payment details, and don’t even have access ourselves. At the same time, we only collect data that is necessary in order to do our services. For example, once a flight has been booked, we will need a cell phone number in order to reach you if necessary. Learn more about our privacy policy here.


Are there any reviews or references available?

Feel free to do a bit of background search about MiGFlug, and have a look at some customer voices on platforms such as Google, Tripdavisor, Trustpilot or yelp. We also share reference customer contacts on request, you can talk to them about their experience.

Is there insurance coverage?

Yes, of course! On the aircraft level, it is mandatory that all jets have to have insurance. Otherwise, they couldn’t operate legally. On top of that, we do have the maximum insurance coverage possible on the company level. This includes General 3rd party and product liability insurance. Aircraft insurance companies can vary depending on flight location, often they are with Lloyd’s and Allianz. Company level insurance is with AXA.

For Travel/Cancellation insurance, see below, under Booking – “Do you offer refundable bookings” (we do!)

How can anybody just control the aircraft? Pilots have to train for years!

Pilot training encompasses far more than just flying: Air combat, emergency situations, takeoff and landing, cognitive training etc. These are abilities that are not required for a short flight as a guest. You don’t have to go to war during your flight. Our pilots have extensive flight experience. You will get some stick time after an introduction and short training. Of course always under the close supervision of your pilot and at an appropriate altitude. So wait for the “your control!” command during the flight, and you will be flying a real jet yourself!

Which requirements must I fulfill to fly a jet?

Flight skills are not required. Even as a layman you may take over the controls in the air and fly the aircraft yourself. For these purposes, you will be briefed beforehand on the ground. As a rule of thumb, the more flight experience a guest has the more liberties he will have in the air, and the more stick time he or she gets. Through an intercom system, you are in permanent contact with the pilot, and he can react to your condition during the flight. You must be in good health (see below)

What is the age limit to fly a fighter jet?

In most location, there is no formal age limit. In the UK, due to the local set-up, the minimum age is 18. In other locations, it generally depends on the development and height. As a rule of thumb, customers have to be around 14 or older. And parents have to agree to the flight below the age of 18. There is no upper limit as long as the customer is in good health. We have had a customer who was almost 97 years old!

What are the health requirements to fly a fighter jet?

The health requirements are pretty basic. Customers need to be in good health. E.g. no serious back problems, high blood pressure must be under control by medication, no pregnancy. Safety always first: In case of doubt, please talk to your doctor. We do have a medical form, which you can sign yourself if you are in good health. In case of doubt, please have your doctor sign it.

What is the maximum weight and height to fly a jet?

That depends on the location/jet and weight/height-“distribution”. Weight: A bit a belly is usually no problem, the limitation is the belt around the upper leg. We have done flights up to 300 pounds (136kg). Height: Long legs are usually no problem to a certain point. If you have a long upper body we have to have a closer look from about 6ft 5 or 1.98m. Please let us know your “seat height” in this case. So when you sit down, the distance from seating surface to head tip.

Can I fly a fighter jet with glasses or contact lenses?

No problem at all.

What about the safety of the flight?
Our flights are flown with top aircraft that are well maintained and top pilots. The aircraft models used have an excellent safety record when maintained properly. Many of our pilots are high ranking members of the military, some with a background as Navy pilots and Air Force pilots or test- and factory-pilots. MiGFlug has carried out military aircraft flights since 2004 and has never had even a smallest single incident – with hundreds of flights carried out every year. You or your beloved ones are in good hands with us.
Can multiple people fly at the same time?

Depending on the airbase and the aircraft type, it is possible to be in the air with multiple aircraft at the same time. In a close formation, these jets are as close as 4.5m from one another. We currently offer group flights in Italy, Riga/Latvia, Russia and Dijon/France. Our top offer is a group flight for up to six people with well-known aerobatics team such as the Breitling Jet Team, where you can experience aerobatics from the cockpit. Sometimes these aerobatic teams are also on tour, and we can offer flights in many countries, mainly all over Europe.

Can multiple people fly on the same day?

Depending on the airbase and the aircraft type, it is possible to be in the air with multiple aircraft at the same time (see above). On the locations with only one aircraft, flights have to be done one at a time. All preparations, training, briefing etc. can be done together. And it is a lot of fun to see the jet from the ground also, you won’t be bored waiting for your turn! Depending on location and flight duration, 2-6 flights are possible per day, aircraft, and pilot available.

Is it possible to travel as a group?
Of course! Whether only one member of the group flies or everybody, it will be a lot of fun for all of you. Group members that don’t fly can, of course, watch the spectacle from very close. Even to watch will be unforgettable. Be sure to consider our group events and jet incentives if you intend to travel as a group.
Can I bring friends & family along?
They are very welcome and will enjoy the day with you very much. Spectators can watch all the preparations from up close and will be impressed by the professionalism, the noise and the intensity of the program.
On which days will be flown?

Most of our flights can take place every day. There are some location-based limitations. In Switzerland for example, flights are only a few days per year due to the local regulations (contact us to learn more). In the UK, Jet Provost flights are generally on weekends. And in places like L-39 New York, Texas, Paris/France or the Vampire in the UK, we depend on the airline schedule of the pilot and often know exact dates only 1-2 months in advance. But there is always a way to make it happen! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in case you have questions about that.

What is the total time on site?

That strongly depends on the customer. Generally speaking, between 2.5 and 4h. Often customers stay to chat a bit with our pilots or go have a drink or lunch with them after the flight. If you are very busy, 2.5h can be done, better count with 3h.

What booking options do I have (open date, specific date, flexibility)?

You do have different options to book a flight:

Make a reservation for a specific date and time.

You can either book a flight for a specific date and time with the Calendar (under Check Availability – Make Reservation). You can also just check the availability (without booking) by clicking a flight option, then it will show you the calendar and all dates except for those greyed out are available. The same option you find with the green “Check Availability” bottom on top of the page. You can make the reservation by either paying the full amount or the downpayment. Please note: Calendar option is not implemented on all pages/locations yet. You can also always check availability with us.

Make an open date booking.

Not sure what date you are going to fly? Click “Book your Flight” – there is also green “Book your Flight” Button on top and on the bottom of a page. Once you have booked your flight by either paying the full amount or a down payment, you will automatically get an email to schedule the flight. You can also just contact us again later and we will schedule that flight for you once you are ready.

Give a jet flight as a Gift.

The gift certificate option works as open-date, so the lucky person on the receiving end can contact us, or you, once you know the exact date. You will get a gift voucher to print immediately, and an email to schedule the flight. You or the recipient can also contact us once you know the date later on, and we will schedule the flight. And of course, you can also make a flight as a gift and book it for a certain date in advance.

You booked a wrong flight location, date or time, or you want to change to a different flight duration? Don’t worry, we are a nice company. Whatever you want to change, reschedule, add or remove from your booking: Just let us know, we will take care of it and change it accordingly, free of charge. You can’t do anything wrong when booking a flight with us.

What lead times are necessary?

The lead time necessary strongly depends on the location. Often we can organize a flight on rather short notice, like a few days. But 1-2 weeks lead time is always better for everyone involved. So as soon as you know your prefered flight date or the period of time you are available, please let us know and make the reservation. If you are available for a few days, it is always recommended to pick a day early in that period, so we have some backup days in case.

Do you also sell gift vouchers for a jet flight?

Of course! A gift certificate for a flight in a military jet is a unique present! Contact us to order a gift certificate for a flight of your choice. Vouchers can be for a certain flight date, or – in case you don’t know yet – open date and even open location. You can’t do anything wrong buying a flight as a gift, we will find the best solution with you, or directly with the lucky recipient.

What is the best jet flight for me?

Not sure which jet or location to choose? We are happy to help! Choosing the right jet often depends on the budget and also the location. Often jet flights are combined with holiday trips or also business trips to a location where we do have flights available. Everyone should visit Paris in France, London in the UK or Italy and Switzerland once in his life. We do have flights in all these locations. For travelers to Disneyland in Florida or to a location in California, we do offer flights from there also. In case you plan a trip, get in touch with us and let’s see what we can do and what aircraft model is the best choice for you!

What is the best season to fly a fighter jet?

Flights are usually all year. In case the flight cannot take place because of bad weather, rescheduling is no problem. In case you travel from far away, we recommend planning with 1-2 backup days. For most of northern Europe and Northern US/Canada locations, we recommend flying May-October, as the weather risk is significantly higher in the winter months, late fall and early spring. Finetuning can be done depending on the weather forecast directly with the pilot 1-2 days in advance. The remaining risk in fall/winter sometimes is a persistent fog, that is impossible to forecast with a high accuracy. That being said, it is very rare that flights actually can’t be done for weather reasons. Often the flight can take place a bit earlier or later than planned on the same day in case there is some rain for example.

What happens if a flight can't take place?

For whatever reason a flight has to be cancelled: Don’t panic! We will find a solution. It doesn’t matter if the weather is bad, you caught the flu, an important business trip came up on your end or there is a short-term maintenance necessary – things can happen. And we will work along with you to find a good solution for the situation. That being said: It is very rare that flights have to be rescheduled.

Can I reschedule a flight?

Yes, free of charge. Whatever the reason. Please always let us know as early as possible. In case you can’t show up short-term (emergency, sick, an accident on the way to the airbase, airline flight got cancelled etc), please make sure you contact the pilot directly immediately, so the crew does not start preparing the aircraft.

My Credit Card gets declined. Why?

That is very annoying and can have multiple reasons:

  • Failed authentification via 3-D Secure (via app or text message). This one is tricky since there are different standards in different countries.
  • Your credit limit
  • Large holds or pending transactions on your account
  • Your card is expired
  • Fraudulent behavior suspected. In this case, the credit card company usually will try to contact you to check, so make sure they have the correct contact details from you
  • Some kind of machine learning/algorithm detecting an unusual transaction (yes, we are somewhat unusual!)
  • Human error – maybe you just entered your card details incorrectly.

What can you do? Just try again, maybe with another card. If the problem persists, give a call to your issuer – that is your credit card company. They will in all likelihood be able to track the failed transaction and tell you what the problem was. They can also authorize the payment so it will go through when you try again.

If that doesn’t help – which is for example the case in countries where 3-D Secure or 3DS hasn’t been rolled out yet – just contact us again. We will find a solution.

I booked a wrong flight location (or date or time, or you want to change to a different flight duration)?

Don’t worry, we are a nice company. Whatever you want to change, reschedule, add or remove from your booking: Just let us know, we will take care of it and change it accordingly, free of charge. You can’t do anything wrong when booking a flight with us.

Do you offer refundable bookings?

Yes. You can check that option during the checkout process on the website.

Do you also arrange flights with propeller aircraft, Warbirds, helicopters or other aircraft types?

MiGFlug is focusing on fighter jet flights. We are a specialist in that field and it will stay that way. For all other kinds of flight adventures, we can recommend our subsidiary GoAviator.

Where can I fly a MiG-29 Fulcrum, MiG-25 Foxbat, a MiG-31 Foxhound, a SU-27/30 Flanker or a MiG-23 Flogger?

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to fly one of these aircraft as a civilian anywhere. In Nizhny Novgorod, the only aerodrome where civilian supersonic fighter jet flights are possible, the only available aircraft was the MiG-29. Any offers you may find for flights with MiG-23/25//29/31 or SU-27 are either outdated or dubious.

You are welcome to write us an email to info@migflug.com or give us a call on phone (US): 1-888-881-1893 (toll free!), phone (UK): +44 (0)20 3129 3070, phone (CH): +41 (0)44 500 50 10