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Our Jet Fighter Offers in the US & Canada

L-39 in Florida

from $5800 for a never to be forgotten 30 min Fighter Jet Flight over the Sunshine State, starting from Tampa Bay.

L-39 in California

from $6400 for an outstanding 45 min Top Gun Flight Adventure. We keep receiving incredible customer feedback.

F-104 Starfighter in Florida (US)

$29,900 for an intense 3-day program with supersonic and stratosphere flight. It is currently only open to pilots.

T-33 in Canada

from $3499 for a 45 min flight. Fly the legendary T-Bird in a marvellous area near the Niagara Falls.

Zero Gravity in USA

Go weightless from $4000 from Tampa. The closest to being an Astronaut in the ISS for normal (or not so normal) people.

Our Jet Fighter Offers in Europe

S.211 near Munich (DE)

from €3450 for a 30 min fighter jet flight. Even flying in the mountains of the nearby Alps is possible. Phenomenal!

L-39 in Paderborn (DE)

from €2950 for a 20 min flight. You will get a lot of stick time and fly roll after roll after roll – yourself!

L-39 in Riga (Latvia)

from €2600 for a 25 min Flight. Formation flying and even Aerial Battle programs are possible in amazing Riga.

L-39 in Switzerland

from €4500 for a stunningly beautiful 30 min flight in the Swiss Alps. Oh and yes, stunningly sporty can be also done.

Hawker Hunter in Switzerland

from €8900 for a 25 min flight in this fighter-bomber over and in the gorgeous Swiss Alpine mountain scenery.

L-39 in the Czech Republic

Fly the Aero L-39 Albatros from €2600 for a 20 min acrobatic flight in its Birthplace, Czech Republic!

MB-326 in Reggio Emilia (Italy)

from €2499 for a 30 min flight in the charming province of Reggio Emilia and its nearby mountains.

Jet Air Combat Riga

Air Combat in Jets, Riga (LT)

€18,000 total for two persons: An action-packed full-day program with 4 very intense flights each!

MiG-15 in Czech Republic

from €3250 for a 15 min flight in that historic swept-wing fighter jet legend with Mach 1.0 never exceed speed.

L-29 in Slovakia

Fly the “father of the L-39” from €1950 for a 20 min flight. Intense acrobatics with an attractive price tag.

Jet Flight Reims France

L-39 in Reims, France

from €2700 for a 30 min solo flight. Rip-roaring formation flights are possible as well. Bring your friend along!

L-39 in Dijon (France)

from €2940 for a 25 min fighter jet flight. Formation flight & Top Gun-style Air Combat are possible!

De Havilland Vampire in London

from £1999 for a 25 min side-by-side flight in this distinctive twin tail-boom historic fighter jet legend.