MiGFlug - der faire Partner für Jetflüge
MiGFlug - der faire Partner für Jetflüge

MiGFlug – Your Partner for Jet Flights

We’d like to point out that MiGFlug is trying hard to be a very fair, customer friendly company. We have a very strong focus on safety. The safety of our customers is taken very seriously and we only offer highly professional flights in well-maintained aircraft. Therefore we can proudly announce that we never had even the smallest incident and any legal problems at all since 2004 – with hundreds of flights every year! And believe us, we do offer these services in a very challenging environment. As a Swiss company, we are convinced that quality will prevail.

Customer first

We want you to have the best experience with MiGFlug from booking to flying. Our online booking process is easy and flexible. And our staff will gladly help you with any question you may have along the way. Just shoot us an email or give us a call. If we’re not available right then, we’ll be sure to get back to you quickly. On the airbase, our friendly pilots will provide the highest level of care. And if you’re flying in Russia, an interpreter will be on site to help you communicate with the crew. You don’t have to be a seasoned traveller to fly with MiGFlug, we’ve got you covered. Our team on the ground and staff in Zurich will always do their best to make your experience with us unforgettable.

Professional pilots

MiGFlug only works with highly professional pilots with extensive experience in the air force, as test pilots or as pilot instructors. When it’s time to get into the fighter jet, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit tense, but after a thorough briefing with our friendly pilots, our customers get on board feeling excited, in good hands and at ease.

Attractive Prices

We supply a superior service at the lowest possible price. It is our mission to make this unique adventure affordable for anyone. The lean but efficient structure of our company allows us to avoid unnecessary costs that we would have to pass on to you, the customer. That being said, please do not expect these flights to be cheap. As you can imagine it is very expensive to operate a fighter jet.

High Transparency

Prices for all the flights we offer are available on the website. Our prices include all taxes and fees, preparations, training, briefing and equipment. There are no unexpected additional costs.

Personalized flying experience

Before your flight, during the briefing with the pilot, you will get a chance to adapt the flight program for a custom-tailored flying experience. Our aim is to find the best program for you that maximizes your thrill and satisfaction. You should feel comfortable throughout the flight. It is not about the pilot being able to show you what he or the aircraft is capable of, it is about you getting the best experience for your preferences.

Maximum Flexibility

With our easy online booking, you can pick a date and location right away, or keep the date and location flexible, if you’re buying the flight as a gift or prefer to firm up the plans later. Whatever you choose – flights can always be changed and rescheduled, free of charge. You basically can’t do anything wrong when booking a flight with us.

Optimal airfields

We have inspected countless airfields worldwide to be able to supply our customers with the best site for every plane. Often these are military airbases – to make the whole experience as authentic as possible.

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Philipp Schaer, CEO

Being in love with Aviation his whole life, Philipp studied International Relations as well as Management and Economics at the University of Zurich, and graduated with a Masters degree. In 2004, during his first year of study, he co-founded MiGFlug (and still hat time to party!). Philipp is obsessed with making MiGFlug an even more exciting place where the wildest of your dreams come true. When he isn’t working, you’ll find Philipp being outside doing sports, reading history and technology books to himself, and reading princess tales to his crazy little daughter.

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Fabio Marzano, Customer care Italy

Becoming a fighter pilot has been Fabio’s dream since he was a kid. Ending up with a different, yet as fulfilling and successful path in life, Fabio’s dream never really came true. However, Fabio’s obsession for military aviation lead him – since the early age of 16 – to create and administrate his website aereimilitari.org. It is now the largest military aviation website in Italy, hosting a thriving community of tens of thousands of aviation enthusiasts just like him. Today, Fabio’s mission is to educate and expose people to the extraordinary world of aviation, and help them realizing their dream to become a military pilot. Or to be a Fighter Pilot for a Day with MiGFlug!

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Kristi Fleischmann, Customer Care

Kristi is our Customer Care Specialist and Scheduling Manager. Kristi’s aerospace career includes flying worldwide USAF missions in the C-141 as an aircraft commander, instructing USAF and NATO pilots in the supersonic T-38 Talon and operating an L-39 aerospace training business. Kristi holds an ATP, CFI, and CL-65 type rating, has degrees in Communications, Operations Management, and Strategic Marketing and plays a mean bass guitar.

Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz
Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz
Hawker Hunter fliegen in der Schweiz