MiG-29, Russland
MiG-29, Russland

MiG-29 Jet Flight in Russia – Flights from EUR 12500

€ 12500 for 25min without supersonic
€ 14500 for 45min with supersonic flight

The MiG-29 is no longer available, unfortunately. Please find our current offers here.

Please note: We plan to have a supersonic flight as a replacement soon. Check back or contact us to get onto the waiting list.

Fly MiG-29 in Russia

During the Cold War, the MiG-29 Fulcrum was the spearhead of the Soviet Air Force and was feared in the west for its excellent manoeuvrability both at sub- and supersonic speeds. Now you have the opportunity to fly one of these modern fighter jets: We offer you the possibility of a flight on a MiG-29UB in Russia. For civil fighter jet fans, there is currently only one place where MiG-29 flights can be legally experienced: The SOKOL airfield near the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod. The city is part of the Russian military-industrial complex. Only recently has this place been opened for visitors without special authorization.

Flying a MiG-29: Raw Power and Extreme Altitude

Supervised by our experienced test pilots, you will be exposed to the G-force of the MiG-29’s two mighty turbines. Up to 9 G of force will be exerted on your body. Have your body be pressed into the seat as you fly special manoeuvres with the pilot, like rolls, loops, Immelman-turns and tail slides. These manoeuvres though, inspired by real combat operations, are only the beginning. After some time in the air comes the big highlight: the pilot hands you over the controls for you to fly the MiG-29 all on your own! A totally different, literal peak: the flight to the “Edge of Space”. With a MiG-29 you can get closer to space than ever before. The fighter jet catapults you up to 22 km above sea level (17km is guaranteed). At this height, the earth’s curvature is visible and you can catch more than just a glimpse of the vastness of space.

MiG-29 Flight Program – Fly Yourself!

Don’t expect a boring patrol flight with the MiG-29. Instead, action awaits. You shall fly the MiG-29 supersonic aircraft yourself and perform daring manoeuvres under the instructions of the pilot. There are three standard MiG-29 flight programs as well as a suborbital spaceflight training program:

  • 25min MiG-29 aerobatics without supersonic flying
  • 45min MiG-29 higher aerobatics including supersonic

The flight program encompasses the following:

  • Breaking the sound barrier
  • Rolls
  • Immelman-turns
  • Loops
  • Split-s
  • Ascent and acceleration while vertical
  • Dives and vertical dives
  • Steep turns
  • Tail-slide

The Day of Your MiG-29 Flight

On the day of your MiG-29 flight, you are picked up at approximately 9 o’clock in the morning by our translator and your driver at your hotel lobby. After a short drive through Nizhny Novgorod, you arrive at the entrance of the SOKOL airfield. Security personnel verifies your identification and access authorization. Now your journey continues in a transport provided by SOKOL, as only airbase vehicles may drive within the military area. The pilot is waiting for you in an administration building. In a briefing room, you can discuss your flight program together with your pilot. He will try to accommodate as many of your wishes as possible.

Now you are brought to a medical technician, who will measure your pulse and perform further medical check-ups. Afterwards, you are brought to the changing room, issued with boots, gloves, a helmet and a flight suit. As soon as everything fits, you drive onto the ramp, led by your pilot. There “your” MiG-29 is waiting for you and is being readied by the ground crew. The pilot leads you to the aircraft and explains the doubly redundant systems. After an extensive tour and a close-up examination of the MiG-29, you climb the ladder to enter the cockpit. The Pilot explains the cockpit once more, especially the telescope, which you’ll have to retract yourself before takeoff!

All questions being answered, your flight is about to begin. Depending on the flight program, you’ll take off with afterburner to a 30 to 60-minute flight. Once in the air, you’ll experience spectacular low passes at nearly sonic speeds, only a few meters above the airbase. Manoeuvres like loops, Immelmann-turns, tailslides, and the special “hammer-manoeuvre” will bring you to the limits of your capabilities. The MiG-29 can even accelerate in a vertical position!

After landing with the drag chute, you have the possibility to pose for a souvenir photo with the pilot. After refreshments, our experienced team will accompany you back to the base and then take you to the hotel. Winding down the day of your life with a glass of vodka is strongly recommended…


Mohammad and Masoud

Just a short note of gratitude from Negar, Mohammad and I for all of your arrangements during our trip to Russia.
Yesterday Mohammad and I each flew the MiG-29. It was amazing and the 45 minutes felt like 5 minutes to us. It was that much fun. Irina, our guide was knowledgeable, informative, pleasant and very professional. What a nice Lady to guide us through the day. Pilots Yuriy and Andrey were humble, generous, relaxed and fun to fly with, true gentlemen and fighter pilots.
We looked around Nizhny and then traveled to St. Petersburg. What an amazing city. The museums and monuments were amazing. We needed more time so we will come back to Russia.

Hervé Massot

Yesterday I enjoyed a great experience. Everything was fine and well organized. The flight with Mr. Youri Polyakov was wonderful and the preparation very interesting. Mr. Polyakov is of course an exceptional pilot but also a very nice person. I appreciate the time with him a lot my. He did his best to show me the maneuverability of the fantastic MiG-29 UB.
Looking forward to receiving the videos as well as the photos taken during that day.




Unfortunately, this offer is currently not available.–>

MiG-29 Flight – All Inclusive

With a MiG-29 flight with MiGFlug you receive much more than just a flight in a modern and legendary fighter aircraft:

  • Limousine transfer from the hotel to the airfield
  • Medical check-up before the flight
  • Tour of the aircraft
  • Transport within the huge airbase
  • Hotels and airline flights to Russia are booked for you by MiGFlug through our official partner ISC IntelService, one of Russia’s largest incoming-travel agents.
  • Certificate of your flight
  • Optionally: Video and photo report, including a personalized souvenir website

The Kick after the Kick – Experience Russia

High up in the air, you are in for a special adventure. Back on the ground Mother Russia awaits with her rich history and diverse places of interest. Visit the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Moscow, with its restaurants, shopping opportunities, bars and clubs. Anyone’s appetite for culture is sure to be assuaged and the cordial hospitality of its inhabitants allows you to have many interesting conversations.

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